Quizzes | Which O'Gradian Are You?

Which O'Gradian Are You?

If you lived in O'Grady, which character would you be? Also, if you lived in O'Grady, how weird would that be? I mean literally, with the weirdness, but also... technically you'd be a cartoon!

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  • What's your favorite way to relax?

    • Talking, with friends. Or just to the wall, either way.
    • My favorite way? Any relaxation at all would be fine with me. Fine and miraculous.
    • Hmm. My favorite way to relax is "as much and as often as possible."
    • If we wrestle, I will win.
    • Shopping. Shoe shopping.
  • When you borrow something from a friend, how long does it usually take you to get it back to them?

    • However long I said it would take. I try to be prompt and reliable.
    • Usually just a couple dozen reminders or so.
    • Probably never, because I'd probably break it. Or lose it. Or something bad.
    • Um, I guess it depends how much time it takes for them to look for it.
    • I am your friend.
  • So like, are you cool?

    • I'm pretty cool, I have to admit.
    • No. I'm a complete loser.
    • I'm beyond cool. I'm rad.
    • Not like "cool" cool, but I think I'm pretty cool.
    • I will wear a sweater.
  • Which weirdness would freak you out the most?

    • One where all our shoes would disappear and we would all have to wear like, huge black orthopedic ones.
    • One that would cause donuts to taste like broccoli.
    • One that would cause people to stare at me non-stop.
    • One where our mouths would disappear if we attempted to gossip.
    • Yah, weirdness.
  • When you have a crush on someone, how might people be able to tell?

    • I am so slick. You would never be able to tell. Well, except one of my friends would probably give it away.
    • Probably uncontrollable giggling.
    • The shaking and vomiting are usually a dead giveaway.
    • I would just say so. No point hiding it.
    • I will crush you.
  • Do you think there are aliens hidden in Area 51 in New Mexico?

    • Think? I know there are. Totally. I saw an actual video of an actual alien autopsy from there.
    • I kinda doubt it. But if there are, I totally want to meet them.
    • My cousin totally bought a hamburger from one, once. Swear to God.
    • What? Aliens? In New Mexico? Are we safe?
    • What is aliens?
  • Your father says that if you can earn and save $500, he'll pitch in the rest to buy you a used car. How 'bout it?

    • I think I'll save $750, and try to sweet talk him into something a little more, how can I say this, New.
    • That's nice and all, but combustion engines are filthy. I'll ride my bike. Or, um, get a ride in someone else's filthy combustion engine.
    • Why bother? Something will go wrong and I won't get the car. Or I'll only be able to afford a beater that dies in like two days.
    • I think I'll wait until he gets a little more reasonable and agrees to pay for the whole thing. What does he think, money grows on trees?
    • (sigh) Father.