Quizzes | Which Power Squad Girl Are You?

Which Power Squad Girl Are You?

The girls on Degrassi's Power Squad all have unstoppable confidence and unlimited energy. Which of them is the most like you? Take this quiz!

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  • If you need a break after a tough Power Squad practice, you might:

    • Put on some music and chill in my room.
    • Curl up with my laptop and see what's happening online.
    • Take a little walk, somewhere outdoors.
    • Any of these sound relaxing to me.
  • The Power Squad is organizing a fundraiser. What's your suggestion?

    • A car wash. It's useful AND fun.
    • Let's sell flowers -- with anonymous delivery to secret crushes.
    • Let's donate part of the proceeds to a charity.
    • All of those ideas sound great to me!
  • What might give you a burst of confidence?

    • Pretending I run an entire kingdom.
    • A compliment from a total stranger.
    • A conversation with somebody hot.
    • Debating a powerful person -- and knowing I'm right.
  • What's your approach to flirting?

    • If I know the person will be somewhere, I arrange to "accidentally" run into them.
    • I'm old-school... lots of compliments, eye contact, and hugs.
    • I'm direct. If I like someone, I let them know.
    • I let the other person make the first move. If I like them, I'll go for it.
  • If you designed new uniforms for the Power Squad, they might have:

    • Fringe.
    • Matching headbands.
    • Even brighter colors. We want to stand out.
    • All of these sound cute!
  • The Power Squad is helping to plan a dance at Degrassi. Your top priority:

    • Getting lots of people there, so the dance floor is packed.
    • A great theme, so everyone shows up in costume.
    • Live music! It makes such a difference.
    • These are all important! I can't decide.
  • Your schedule seems pretty busy, but let's add one more thing:

    • Photography club
    • Yoga class
    • Chorus
    • Ooh, any of those could be fun.