Quizzes | Which School Gyrl Are You?

Which School Gyrl Are You?

In the movie School Gyrls, all types of girls go to Summerdale Academy. Wanna know where you fit in? Take the quiz.

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  • If you get detention, it's probably because:

    • I broke a rule on purpose.
    • I broke a rule by accident.
    • I followed my own rules -- instead of the school's.
  • What's the worst thing on this list?

    • People who can't think for themselves.
    • People with no sense of style. It's so sad.
    • People who try WAY too hard at everything.
  • If somebody embarrassed you in front of the whole school, you'd:

    • Do my best to laugh it off... but I might try to get even later.
    • Make them pay -- in a major way.
    • Hide. I'd feel so stupid.
  • Which of these things are you most likely to have in your locker?

    • Stickers that remind me of stuff I like more than school
    • Pens that write in unusual colors
    • A stack of magazines
  • Pick a reason to enter a dance contest:

    • To make sure someone else comes in second.
    • To prove to myself -- and everyone else -- that I'm the best.
    • To have a great time and express myself.
  • What's your school like?

    • It's a total fashion show.
    • It feels like a prison.
    • Everybody is kind of generic (except me).
  • You save your crushiest feelings for:

    • Soulja Boy
    • Justin Bieber
    • A guy who's not famous (yet)