Quizzes | Which Thanksgiving Food Are You?

Which Thanksgiving Food Are You?

Have you ever stared at a bountiful Thanksgiving feast and wondered where you fit in with all the deliciousness? Let us help you understand with this tasty quiz.

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  • If you were in charge of decorating for Thanksgiving, you'd probably use:

    • Real autumn leaves.
    • Fresh flowers in pretty fall colors
    • One big cornucopia centerpiece.
    • Brown gourds painted to look like turkeys
    • Happy pilgrims made of construction paper.
    • Lots of nuts and berries. Edible decor!
  • Choose something you're thankful for this year:

    • My family
    • Friends I've had for a long time
    • Everything that made me laugh
    • Something I achieved on my own
    • All of the one-of-a-kind moments I've experienced
    • All of the above -- and a whole lot more
  • Do you play with your food?

    • Only when I'm decorating holiday-themed sweets.
    • Yes. I make mashed-potato masterpieces.
    • Sometimes, if I space out and don't realize what I'm doing
    • Not on purpose!
    • Nah. Bad manners.
    • Not usually, but I am feeling playful today...
  • If Thanksgiving puts you in the mood to help your community, you might volunteer to:

    • Paint a mural
    • Teach a senior citizen how the Internet works
    • Tutor a younger student
    • Peer mediate
    • Read to kids during storytime at the library
    • Spend a few hours doing each of these. They all sound fun!
  • What's your favorite thing about Thanksgiving parades?

    • The marching band routines.
    • The celebrities, of course.
    • The iconic floats.
    • The giant balloons shaped like cartoon characters
    • The fact that they're live. Anything could happen!
    • I love the whole thing
  • The whole family is watching TV together, and you've got the remote. Pick a show:

    • The Dog Show, of course!
    • A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
    • A special about American heroes
    • Football -- it's a Thanksgiving tradition!
    • I'd hand the remote to someone else.
    • I can't decide until I take a poll to see what everyone else feels like watching.
  • How do you feel about traveling on Thanksgiving?

    • I want people to travel from all over, just to see ME!
    • Whether I'm traveling or not, I'm just excited to see people I haven't seen in a while.
    • I love it. Holidays mean travelling!
    • I'm OK with it, as long as we're not stuck in traffic.
    • I'm cool with it as long as I'm in charge of the road trip playlist.
    • It depends on where I'm going and who's with me.