Quizzes | Who's Your Gigantic Crush?

Who's Your Gigantic Crush?

One of the Gigantic guys is destined to play a gigantic role in your daydreams. Which one is it? Take the quiz.

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  • If you were a gigantic celebrity, what do you think would be the hardest thing about dating?

    • Figuring out if I can trust a guy -- or if he'll blab to the tabloids.
    • The paparazzi. Having all those cameras around would get old fast.
    • Deciding which hot celebrity to make out with first. That's got to be rough.
  • You're invited to a super-fancy charity benefit dinner. You'll probably:

    • Dress up. WAY up. I want to look amazing.
    • Try not to take it too seriously. It's still a party, right?
    • Go to help the charity out, but lay low. I'm not the socialite type.
  • Pick a place to snuggle up against your crush:

    • The VIP balcony of a great rock show
    • A party on a roof deck in the Hollywood Hills, with a view of the entire city
    • The beach at night, as waves crash in the moonlight
  • Pick a reason to give a guy a gigantic hug:

    • He's embarrassed about something he just said.
    • He's been stressing, and he looks like he needs it.
    • I've been stressing, and he's been really patient with me.
  • Today, you're in the mood to have a gigantic conversation about:

    • Which songs would be on the best make-out playlist ever.
    • Which movies would be on my all-time top ten.
    • Everything (big and small) that I want to do in this life.
  • Are you more likely to flirt first -- or to flirt back (after someone else has flirted with you)?

    • I'll flirt first. Sometimes the nice ones are shy.
    • I want a guy to flirt a little bit first, so I know I'm not wasting my time.
    • I'm more likely to flirt back, especially if a guy is joking around in a flirty way.
  • If your crush moved to another country for a few years, how would you keep in touch?

    • Occasional texts and Facebook comments. If someone's that far away, I'd keep it pretty casual.
    • I'd probably write all sorts of personal stuff in a notebook, and mail a few pages at a time.
    • Video chatting. It's almost like talking face-to-face.