Quizzes | Who's Your House of Anubis Boyfriend?

Who's Your House of Anubis Boyfriend?

Anubis House is full of secrets -- and looove! Think you can handle living in the same house as your boyfriend? Take this quiz.

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  • Mysterious guys: hot or not?

    • Not. I want to know everything about him!
    • Not. I'd rather have a friendly, outgoing guy.
    • Not. I want a guy who'll be honest with me.
    • Hot -- as long as he's not the cheating type.
    • Hot! It just makes me want to get to know him better.
  • If you were trapped in an underground tunnel, who would you want with you?

    • Someone strong, in case we have to move rocks or something.
    • Someone who keeps his cool under pressure.
    • Someone who'll hold my hand.
    • Someone who'll make me laugh so I don't get nervous.
    • Someone who'll flirt with me. (What? It's a good distraction!)
  • Your ideal guy spends a lot of time...

    • Helping people (including me).
    • Taking charge of things.
    • Telling other girls he's not interested -- because he's with me.
    • Flirting with me.
    • Talking about how much he wants to be with me.
  • What do you think you'd like best about living in the same house as your boyfriend?

    • He'd be around whenever I need to talk.
    • He'd always be around if I need a favor.
    • It'd be easy to keep an eye on him.
    • We'd get to spend so much time hanging out.
    • I could borrow his hoodies and jackets!
  • Your Anubis boyfriend should be brave enough to:

    • Tell me things he's never told anyone.
    • Ask me out.
    • Flirt with me in front of other people.
    • Speak his mind -- even to a teacher or principal.
    • Embarrass himself in public, especially if it's for a good cause.
  • If you found an ancient artifact that grants romantic wishes, you'd ask it for:

    • A guy who always smells good and looks stylish.
    • A guy who wants to plan his future around me.
    • A guy who'll surprise me and make my life more exciting.
    • A guy who wants to be my boyfriend AND best friend.
    • A guy who'll do anything I ask. I like being in charge.
  • What kind of gift would you be most excited to get from your boyfriend?

    • Something that's fun for both of us -- like tickets to see a band.
    • Something little that he bought on a whim because it reminded him of me.
    • Something personal, like a mix CD of his favorite songs.
    • A piece of antique jewelry that looks like it could have magic powers.
    • I want ALL of these! Can I have all of these?