Quizzes | Who's Your Ultimate Summer Boyfriend?

Who's Your Ultimate Summer Boyfriend?

He's cute, friendly, and as hot as a summer day. Take this quiz to meet a guy who's oh-so-right for you.

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  • It'd be awesome if your summer boyfriend:

    • Gives me a funny nickname
    • Wants me to meet his family
    • Cares about the earth
    • Is kind of quiet and shy
    • Spends the whole summer in a bathing suit
  • You wouldn't mind getting a little sweaty if:

    • My boyfriend and I are play-wrestling
    • There's a nice breeze to cool me down
    • The AC is broken in my boyfriend's car
    • I'm working really hard at something I love
    • I'm volunteering for a cause I care about
  • Pick a place to share a sweet summer kiss:

    • The house of mirrors at the fair
    • A tiny island that's just big enough for us to sit on
    • An empty beach at 6 a.m.
    • A look-out point where we can see for miles
    • A lifeguard stand at night
  • If you had to go to summer school, you'd sign up for:

    • Intro to Improv
    • Grillin' 101
    • Super Chill-out Yoga
    • Everything There Is to Know About Ponies
    • Basic Lifesaving Techniques
  • Which of these things do you consider the hottest?

    • A guy's smile
    • A guy's eyes
    • A guy's hair
    • A guy's hands
    • A guy's pecs
  • Pick a place to wear your most flattering bathing suit:

    • A water park
    • A yacht club party
    • A beach party
    • A swimming hole in the woods
    • A pool party
  • What's something you love about summer (other than your cute new boyfriend)?

    • Bike rides with no hands
    • Whole days without any plans
    • The sound of the ocean in a conch shell
    • Wild flowers, wild animals... anything wild and natural
    • Sand castles with moats and drip-turrets