Quizzes | Who's Your Ultimate Summer Boyfriend?

Who's Your Ultimate Summer Boyfriend?

He's cute, friendly, and as hot as a summer day. Take this quiz to meet a guy who's oh-so-right for you.

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  • Where would your summer boyfriend take you on a first date?

    • To a really yummy restaurant
    • To a comic book convention
    • To watch his band play
    • To a quiet café
    • To his friend's party
  • You'd love it if your summer boyfriend...

    • Could always make you laugh.
    • Cared about the environment.
    • Was also your best friend.
    • Was the quarterback of you school's football team.
    • Could play the drums.
  • You wouldn't mind getting a little sweaty if...

    • You were volunteering for a good cause.
    • You were watching your boyfriend's soccer game.
    • You were hiking through the woods.
    • You were running through the sprinklers.
    • You were at an outdoor concert.
  • Pick a place to share a sweet summer kiss.

    • At a carnival, after he wins you a teddy bear.
    • In a big field, while watching the sunset.
    • In his backyard, after he sings you his newest song.
    • In a park, sitting on the swings.
    • During his annual summer block party.
  • If you had to go to summer school, what club would you join?

    • Play-writing
    • Student government
    • Band
    • A CPR Training Course
    • Your school's television station
  • Which characteristic do you consider the most attractive?

    • Individuality
    • Kindness
    • Self-confidence
    • Honesty
    • Creativity
  • Where's your favorite place to go swimming?

    • A water park
    • At a lake house
    • The pool in your backyard
    • A swimming hole in the woods
    • At a beach party
  • What's something you love about summer (other than your cute new boyfriend)?

    • Whole days spent jamming out
    • Extra free time to spend with family
    • The sound of the ocean in a conch shell
    • Sharing ice cream sundaes
    • Hanging out with friends, all the time!