Quizzes | Who's Your Big Time Crush?

Who's Your Big Time Crush?

The guys from Big Time Rush are all so cute and crushable, it's nearly impossible to choose between them. There's only one thing to do -- let this quiz pick for you.

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  • Choose something that'd make you feel like a big time rebel:

    • Wearing jeans to a red carpet event
    • Sneaking out a side door to avoid the paparazzi
    • Putting mustard on a taco
    • Retaking this quiz until I get the answer I want
  • Pick the best place for a big time make-out session:

    • My couch -- or his
    • In a limo
    • On a lifeguard stand at night
    • In the photo booth at an old-school arcade
  • You've got big time respect for people who:

    • Make a real effort to look their best
    • Crack themselves up (and make me laugh, too)
    • Stand up for themselves (and me, if I need it)
    • TRY to stay out of trouble... even if they don't always succeed
  • If a cute guy texted you right now that he was on the way over, you'd be in a big time rush to:

    • Shove some stuff under the bed or in the closet.
    • Fix my hair.
    • Finish my homework.
    • Finish taking this quiz.
  • For you to crush on a guy, he must possess:

    • Big time nerve
    • Big time intelligence
    • Big time friendliness
    • Big time musical talent
  • Choose a moment that'd feel big time romantic if you shared it with a crush-worthy guy:

    • Riding bumper cars together -- with lots of mutual smashing
    • Riding a Ferris wheel together
    • Hanging out in the VIP area at an exclusive club
    • Playing with a puppy together
  • What's the best reason for a big time road trip?

    • To attend an open audition for my favorite TV show... in another state.
    • To visit all my favorite relatives (at least, the ones who live in exciting places)
    • My friends are taking one, and they need a navigator.
    • I don't need a reason -- let's just get in the car and go.
  • If you were hanging out at the Palm Woods pool right now, you'd probably be:

    • Making a big time splash (literally).
    • Floating leisurely around on a raft. If anybody tips me over, they will pay.
    • Talking to the other residents. Maybe they're friend material... or more.
    • Lounging in a chair, watching all the poolside drama unfold.