Quizzes | Who's Your British Boyfriend?

Who's Your British Boyfriend?

Find a charming (and famous) British lad of your very own. Take this quiz!

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  • You are simply mad for:

    • The mysterious type.
    • Smooth talkers.
    • The sweet, innocent type.
    • Intense eye contact.
    • A good sense of humor.
  • If a bloke's a bit of a troublemaker, is that a plus or a minus?

    • A plus. I like guys who surprise me.
    • I'm OK with flirty trouble, but not real trouble.
    • I just want him to do his own thing -- no matter what other people say.
    • A plus if he's just a little mischievous.
    • Minus. Who needs that kind of drama?
  • You'd love to snog your British dude:

    • On a winter night, with snow falling
    • In an empty classroom
    • In a soundproof recording studio, late at night
    • In the woods
    • Somewhere dark and private
  • How would your ideal boyfriend act around your mates?

    • He can just be himself. If I like him, my friends will, too.
    • Friendly -- I like when he can blend well with anybody.
    • He should treat them with respect. They're my friends.
    • I bet he'd really listen to what they have to say.
    • I'm not sure -- I care more about how he acts when we're alone.
  • Pick something you fancy:

    • Comic Books
    • Guitars
    • Dystopian novels
    • Movies that are absolutely heart-wrenching
    • Tacos
  • Aside from his irresistible accent, you might be attracted to a British guy's:

    • Just-rolled-out-of-bed hair
    • Friendly, approachable attitude
    • Artsy-ness
    • Down-to-earth honesty
    • Strong political beliefs
  • It'd be brilliant if your British boyfriend could:

    • Get a tattoo of my name.
    • Buy us matching necklaces.
    • Sing me to sleep.
    • Make me laugh when I'm down.
    • Avoid talking about our relationship to all of his friends.