Quizzes | Who's Your Degrassi Bad Boy?

Who's Your Degrassi Bad Boy?

Ready to take a walk on the wild side of Degrassi? Take this quiz.

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  • Bad boys have strong opinions. Choose one you agree with:

    • School sucks.
    • Money changes everything.
    • Sometimes adults are stupider than kids.
    • Music is life.
  • Bad boys are hard to catch. What will you use as bait?

    • A looong hug
    • A flirty text
    • A seductive glance
    • A passionate debate
  • Choose something you take very seriously:

    • My job
    • My reputation
    • My competition
    • My sense of style
  • You'd be thrilled if your bad boy suggested:

    • Teaming up for a school project
    • Making out on a blanket in the woods
    • Skipping school to check out a new restaurant
    • A road trip to see a band we love
  • Rebels are hot, right? Pick something you'd rebel against.

    • My old self
    • My parents
    • Anyone who pre-judges me
    • People who get all kissy-kissy in public
  • You like when your bad boy wears:

    • A button-down shirt
    • A soft old T-shirt
    • An army jacket
    • A tie
  • Even bad boys have soft spots. It'd be nice if your guy was:

    • A good influence on his friends
    • Interested in helping the less fortunate
    • Into discussing literature with me
    • Full of honest compliments