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    "Check ? X"

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    Dance Academy: "Check ? X"

    Abigail has serious trouble balancing her ballet commitments and her musical splinter rehearsals. Meanwhile, Ben and Sammy face life-altering challenges of their own.

  • Episode 223: Love it or Fight it show

    Episode 223: Love it or Fight it

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    Dance Academy: "Love It or Fight It"

    Ben attempts to prove in rehearsals for 'Peter Pan" that he's the leading man to Tara, while Kat's role as Tinker Bell makes her re-evaluate her relationship with Christian.



  • Posted 01/30/2013

    Dance Academy: The Cutest Pic!

    Working for TeenNick gives me access to a lot of amazing photos. Check out my pick for the cutest Dance Academy photo from season two.



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About the Show

Dance Academy

Tara Webster grew up on a farm in the country, but she has always dreamed of being a professional dancer. When she's admitted to Australia's National Academy of Dance, she feels like all of her dreams are about...

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