Adam Torres Picture - Degrassi Season 14

Adam Torres

Grade 12 at Degrassi

Relationship Status: 
In a Relationship with Becky Baker

Interests: Video games, movies that make me think, music that makes me dance, making out with my GF!

Activities: Volleyball team, LGBT club (emphasis on the T)

Family: Drew Torres (brother)

About Me:  Known for his quick wit, compassion, and loyalty to his friends, Adam was described by his older brother Drew as making a huge mark on the people around him. He was a member of the Degrassi band Whisper Hug and loved video games, music--and Becky Baker. Born Gracie Torres, Adam was female to male transgender. Adam passed away from complications after a texting and driving accident in summer 2013. 

Notable Events:  

  • Made a pass at Bianca, who outed him as FTM transgender 
  • Faced bullying from Owen, Fitz and others for being transgender 
  • Fought with Simpson for the right to use the boys' bathroom 
  • Dated Fiona before she realized she's a lesbian 
  • Had a radio show with Dave called Mano a Mano 
  • Joined the boys' volleyball team 
  • Played bass in WhisperHug 
  • Met his idol, Chaz Bono 
  • Started dating Becky before she knew he's transgender 
  • Overcame Becky's parents' objections to their relationship 
  • Got jealous of Todd while spending the summer apart from Becky 
  • Hacked Becky's FaceRange account in an attempt to make Todd back off 
  • Got into a car accident by trying to text Becky an apology while driving 

Memorable Quotes: 

  • "Maybe on the outside I'm not your typical guy, but up here *points to head* I am."
  • "Love is intense. When I see her, she actually moves in slow motion. Time stops and it's like high heart meets stomach, holy crap she's perfect."
  • "I don't wanna get over Becky. I love her!"
  • "No matter what happens, we'll get through this. Together."
  • "Look, I know it's gonna be messy. But we need to try being together or we'll never know. Try with me?"
  • "I'm not a player. Turns out I had to mess up with one girl to get to the right one."

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