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Anya MacPherson

On the surface, Anya seems shy and polite, but after spending years as Holly J.'s shadow, she found the strength to stand up for herself and pursue her own interests. She took on a leading role in her LARP community, and joined the armed forces after graduating from Degrassi.

Notable Events:
* Transferred to Degrassi from Lakehurst.
* Stayed friends with Holly J., even after Holly J. told everyone about her dyslexia.
* Led the Free the Children freedom fast.
* Found out Sav is destined for an arranged marriage; continued to date him.
* Dumped Sav for not introducing her to his parents.
* Dumped him again over his double standards about girls.
* Embarrassed Holly J. on camera in front of the school.
* Dated Riley briefly; realized she was still in love with Sav.
* Is a powerful empress in her LARP (Live-Action Role-Playing) community.
* Lost her virginity to Sav in the back of a limo at prom.
* Got dumped for lying about having been on birth control.
* Helped Riley get together with Zane.
* Lied to everyone about being pregnant by Sav -- first to help Holly J. win the student council election, then to help Sav.
* Struggled with her mother's cancer diagnosis.
* Fell for her mother's doctor and he reciprocated... until he found out she was only 17.
* Got assigned to work with Owen during class; embarrassed him at The Dot for coming on too strong.
* Went out with Dr. Chris when she turned 18; found out he was moving to Kenya.
* Didn't get into Toronto University.
* Hooked up with Owen at her surprise birthday party.
* Accidentally revealed on FaceRange that she slept with Owen.
* Felt she had no future; experimented with drugs.
* Tried to join the army; failed the drug test.
* Decided to get her life together so she can enlist; Owen helped her prepare for basic training.

Memorable Quote:
"Why do you always treat me like dirt?"

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