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Dave Turner

Dave is a charmer, a joker, and a kick-ass dancer. He hates blending in the with crowd -- or with his geekier friends -- so he works hard to develop a suave, self-confident image.

Notable Events:
* Thought he was dating Jenna when he wasn't.
* Had a crush on Alli, but was rejected in favor of Drew.
* Had a crush on Ms. Oh and took his pants off in her class to make her laugh.
* Told Mr. Simpson about Connor's much-older online "girlfriend."
* Tased Wes with his cop-dad's taser while trying to impress some "cooler" friends.
* Dated Sadie, though at first he had trouble with the fact that she's taller than him.
* Broke up with Sadie when Alli started having feelings for him.
* Got into an awkward fight with Adam when he tried to copy his mannerisms in the bathroom; got peed on.
* Developed a friendship with Adam while co-hosting Degrassi Radio's "man show."
* Told Jenna that K.C. was cheating on her.
* Charmed Alli's parents and got permission to date her.
* Thought Alli wanted to have sex, when really she was telling him she was going away for the summer.
* Had his cop-dad help stop Alli's gambling addiction, which led to their break up.
* Got back together with Alli, but cheated on her while she was away for the summer.
* Tried to win Alli back.
* Confronted his former fling Jacinta at Degrassi's Model U.N.; blamed himself for her accident.
* Won the role of Romeo in Romeo and Jules.
* Had sex with Alli; they dealt with a pregnancy scare.
* Won a guest role on the popular TV show West Drive.
* Ended his relationship with Alli because they grew apart.

Memorable Quote:
"You're the only girl in the world to me."

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