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Declan Coyne

Calm and confident, Declan is Fiona's fraternal twin brother. He left Degrassi and transferred to Vanderbilt Prep. After graduation, he enrolled in Yale, alongside Holly J.

Notable Events:
* Attended elite private schools around the world, since his father is a diplomat.
* Transferred to Degrassi from a prep school in Hong Kong.
* Introduced Peter to his cousin Victoria; she got Peter hooked on drugs.
* Worked on the school play with Jane, and hooked up with her while she was dating Spinner.
* Became interested in Holly J., but she saw him as a player.
* Dated Trish.
* Finally got together with Holly J., despite his mother's wishes.
* Clare had a crush on him and wrote vampire stories about him.
* Had sex with Holly J. and they both revealed how much they love each other.
* Helped Holly J. get an internship in NY so they could spend the summer together.
* Was kissed by his sister during a period of mental instability and jealousy in NY.
* Continued a long-distance relationship with Holly J. while he attended prep school in NY.
* Sided with his sister when she dated the abusive Bobby.
* Dumped by Holly J. because she felt he was trying to buy her love.
* Got jealous when he found out Holly J. was seeing Sav.
* Slept with Holly J. while he was back in town even though she didn't want to; mistakenly thought they were getting back together.
* Enrolled at Yale University.

Memorable Quote:
"Ate some grapes, drank some wine, met a girl on a Vespa... Tuscany changed my life."

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