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Eli Goldsworthy

Eli is intelligent, opinionated, voluntarily "different", and always at the ready with a well-crafted snarky comment. Passionate about film and theater, Eli can be unpredictable at times, but he's sure about one thing -- he wants to move to New York City after graduation.

Notable Events:
* Blamed himself for the death of his ex-girlfriend, Julia.
* Dated Clare.
* Planted a fake ID on Fitz; poisoned Fitz with Ipecac.
* Was fake-stabbed by Fitz at Vegas Night in retaliation.
* Struggled with hoarding and OCD.
* Co-threw a secret party with Clare and Adam.
* "Co-wrote" a tragic love story with Clare for Gothic Tales magazine, which Clare found disturbing.
* Drove a vintage hearse named Morty... until he crashed it to impress Clare.
* Was dumped by Clare.
* Was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
* Stopped taking his medication.
* Shared a kiss with Imogen when she auditioned for the part of Clara in his play; tried to use her to make Clare jealous.
* Had a breakdown on stage during opening night of Love Roulette.
* Dated Imogen; got upset when she did an art project about his mental illness.
* Kissed Clare at the Frostival; they reunited.
* Tried to work with Becky on the school musical, but they couldn't overcome their creative differences.
* Threw Clare a surprise birthday party, which turned into a massive brawl.

Memorable Quote:
"I can't just be friends with you, Clare. I like you too much."

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