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Emma Nelson

A "good girl" in high school, Emma tried to let loose in college, but decided to take some time off to find herself.

Notable Events:
* Good girl Emma dated bad boy Sean.
* Went searching for her birth dad.
* Was almost shot by Rick.
* Contracted gonorrhea from Jay.
* Fell for Peter and secretly started seeing him.
* Wound up in the hospital from bulimia.
* Started seeing Sean secretly when he returned to Degrassi.
* Dumped Peter after he framed Sean for drug possession.
* Helped Sean get a lawyer; hooked back up with him when he got out of jail.
* Took it to "the next level" with Sean; had a pregnancy scare.
* Broke up with Sean when he left to join the military.
* Took her dress off in front of the whole school to make a point.
* Dated Damian; dumped him after he and Liberty kissed.
* Graduated from Degrassi; enrolled at Smithdale University.
* Became roommates with Manny, Liberty, and Kelly.
* Dated Kelly; smoked marijuana to get attention; got Kelly kicked out of the residence hall.
* Came to town with Kelly to promote their Re-Cycle project.
* Dumped by Kelly.
* Decided to take time off from college.
* Got a job at The Dot and accidentally burned it down.
* Took a trip to Niagara Falls with Manny, Jay, and Spinner.
* Drunkenly eloped with Spinner; they decided to stay married and have a proper wedding when they realized they really do love each other.

Memorable Quote:
"I'm all about fun. In fact, if fun were people, I would be China."

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