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Holly J. Sinclair

Holly J. -- don't you dare call her "Holly" -- loves being in control. In the past she wanted to run the Power Squad, the student council, and the lives of everyone around her, but age, circumstances, and love have mellowed her (and her ponytail).

Notable Events:
* Is Heather Sinclair's younger sister.
* Transferred to Degrassi from Lakehurst.
* Tried to break up many relationships: Anya and Sav, Spinner and Jane, and Alli and Johnny.
* Dated: Blue, Declan, and Sav.
* Had crushes on: Spinner, Toby.
* Friends with: Anya, Jane, Fiona, Chantay, and Leia.
* Sold Mia out to the media.
* Began waitressing after her family lost their money.
* Was the victim of Alli's "I Hate Holly J." club on FaceRange; students started taunting her at school.
* Was surprisingly cool about it when she found out Clare wrote vampire fiction about Declan.
* Took a TVM internship in NY to be near Declan for the summer.
* Was student council president (until Sav moved in on her territory).
* Tried to sabotage Sav's student council campaign by fabricating a story about Anya being pregnant.
* Stole money from Fiona.
* Broke up with Declan because she felt like he was buying her love.
* Started a no-strings senior year relationship with co-president Sav.
* Gave Sav a strip tease at Vegas Night.
* Slept with Declan while he was back in town even though she didn't want to; immediately regretted it.
* Confessed to Sav and got dumped, but they reunited.
* Ignored a case of strep throat because she was too busy, and it became kidney disease.
* Broke up with Sav because she just wasn't feeling it.
* Found out she was adopted.
* Found out Fiona had a crush on her; stayed friends with her anyway.
* Missed the prom to have kidney surgery, but attended via iPad.
* Graduated as valedictorian of her class; enrolled at Yale University.
* Visited Degrassi to support Fiona during her financial struggles.

Memorable Quote:
"You don't want Holly J. Sinclair as an enemy."

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