Jake Martin Picture - Degrassi Season 14

Jake Martin

Jake's a laidback, down-to-earth guy who likes building things. He's not sure of his future plans, but he wants to prove he has the skills to join his father's construction company.

Notable Events:
* Kissed Clare to help her get over Eli; they became friends with benefits.
* Started dating Clare, but kept it a secret from their parents, who were also dating.
* Stuck by Clare through Eli's jealous behavior during Love Roulette.
* Found out his father was marrying Clare's mother; broke up with Clare.
* Threw a party at his family's cabin; kissed Alli by the fire.
* Moved in with Clare and her mom; reunited with Clare.
* Planned to have sex with Clare, but realized he couldn't go through with it.
* Kissed Katie and helped her get revenge on Drew.
* Worked with Katie to build a green roof at Degrassi, which was later destroyed by the Ice Hounds.
* Started dating Katie.
* Teamed up with Eli when a fight broke out at Clare's birthday party.

Memorable Quote:
"Let's make out. I bet it would really make your ex jealous."

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