Katie Matlin Picture - Degrassi Season 14

Katie Matlin

Formerly known as Degrassi's toughest over-achiever, Katie's world fell apart after a serious soccer injury left her addicted to painkillers. After rehab and recovering from a bad break up, she's ready to redefine herself at Degrassi.

Notable Events:
* Edited the Degrassi Daily.
* Ran for student council president.
* Struggled to control her bulimia after Marisol revealed it to the school.
* Started dating Drew.
* Became student council president, with Marisol as her right-hand gal.
* Got injured at a National Soccer Team tryout; pushed herself to keep playing and tore her ACL.
* Got hooked on painkillers, overdosed, and went to rehab.
* Lost her virginity to Drew, who then dumped her.
* Got revenge on Drew, lost her presidency.
* Dyed her hair black; got a fierce new attitude.
* Worked with Jake to build Degrassi's green roof.
* Started dating Jake.
* Helped Clare break into the Toronto Interpreter office after hours.
* Showed off her martial arts training during the fight at Fiona's party.

Memorable Quote:
"Hockey guys are bad news."

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