K.C. Guthrie Picture - Degrassi Season 14

K.C. Guthrie

K.C. is academically and athletically gifted, but things have never been easy for him. He'd do anything to get his life (and his mom's) on a better path -- even leave Degrassi for good.

Notable Events:
* Joined the gifted class at Degrassi.
* Asked Clare to a dance, but was thwarted by Connor.
* Was once kissed by Alli, but it meant nothing.
* Made the basketball team.
* Lost it on Reese after Connor told everyone K.C. lives in a group home.
* Started dating Clare.
* Dumped Clare for Jenna.
* Was inappropriately preyed on by Coach Carson.
* Cheated on a test at Jenna's encouragement, with Clare's help.
* Resisted moving back in with his mother when she came back for him.
* Keyed Coach Armstrong's car.
* Tried to avoid his responsibilities when he found out Jenna was pregnant.
* Broke up with Jenna and tried to resume his normal life.
* Reunited with Jenna; invited her to move in with him and his mom.
* Got a job at Little Miss Steaks and cheated on Jenna with Marisol.
* Argued with Jenna over keeping Ty, before agreeing that adoption was best for everyone.
* Joined the Bright Sparks.
* Tried to set his mom up with Mr. Townsend, the Bright Sparks advisor.
* Reconnected with his father.
* Worried that he and his mother were in danger; moved away to keep her safe.

Memorable Quote:
"God forbid, you put your guitar down for two seconds."

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