Leia Chang Picture - Degrassi Season 14

Leia Chang

From lying to LARPing, Leia would try anything to fit in at Degrassi.

Notable Events:
* Transferred to Degrassi from ballet school.
* Had a brief friendship with Mia, but Mia's party-girl lifestyle made her uncomfortable.
* Started dating Danny.
* Lied about knowing Fall Out Boy and was found out.
* Took up LARPing (Live-Action Role-Playing) with Anya.
* Worried she was losing Danny; asked Chantay for advice.
* Broke up with Danny, hoping he'd come crawling back. He didn't.
* Thought Anya's mom was having an affair when she was really dealing with cancer.

Memorable Quote:
"After four years at ballet school, a friend who eats would be a thrill."