Manny Santos Picture - Degrassi Season 14

Manny Santos

For a long time, all Manny cared about was becoming famous. Will Hollywood live up to her expectations?

Notable Events:
* Decided to become "hot."
* Slept with Craig when he was dating Ashley; got pregnant and had an abortion.
* Told the whole school that Paige was dating her student teacher.
* Convinced the Spirit Squad to break Paige's leg out of sheer pettiness.
* Took her top off for Peter's camera, who sent the video around the school.
* Got kicked out of her house, moved in with Emma.
* Teamed up with Peter to intervene on Emma's eating disorder.
* Yanked a whole lot of Darcy's hair when Darcy called her a slut.
* Threw the party where J.T. was murdered.
* Rekindled the Degrassi/Lakehurst war by dating Lakehurst guy Damian.
* Supported Darcy in the aftermath of her sexual assault.
* Fought for Degrassi/Lakehurst unity.
* Invited Jay to her debut, hoping he'd make a bad impression on her parents.
* Blew her acting audition at Smithdale; got accepted anyway thanks to Jay.
* Got fake-engaged to Jay, then got engaged to him for real.
* Dumped Jay after he broke into a pawn shop.
* Graduated from Degrassi; enrolled at Smithdale to study drama.
* Became roommates with Emma, Liberty, and Kelly.
* Dated her acting teacher, Mick.
* Blew her audition for Jason Mewes' movie; traveled to L.A. for another shot.
* Played the lead in Mewesical High.
* Got back together with Jay.
* Moved to Hollywood.
* Took a trip to Niagara Falls with Emma, Spinner, and Jay.
* Fought Jane when she thought she was trying to ruin Emma and Spinner's wedding.

Memorable Quote:
"We're having fun, right? Why do we have to go make it all official?"

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