Marisol Lewis Picture - Degrassi Season 14

Marisol Lewis

Power Squadder and Little Miss Steaks waitress Marisol has simple tastes: fun times, good music, and hot guys. She has been best friends (and occasional frienemies) with Katie for years.

Notable Events:
* Went on a date with Drew, but he wrote her off as boring.
* Hooked up with K.C. while he was with Jenna.
* Competed against Katie and Mo for class president.
* Told everyone at school about Katie's eating disorder.
* Made up with Katie after the election and became her VP.
* Struggled with her feelings for Mo when they worked together on Model U.N.
* Began dating Mo.
* Threatened Zig after he "dined-and-dashed" at Little Miss Steaks and left her with the bill.

Memorable Quote:
"Everyone's getting lei'd!... The flower necklaces?"

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