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Owen Milligan

When Owen's not busy flexing his physical strength, he's typically mocking everything and everyone around him. Owen may not want to admit it, but he does have a softer side -- he's very protective of his younger brother, Tristan.

Notable Events:
* Fought with K.C.
* Helped Riley plastic wrap Drew to the flagpole.
* Reluctantly helped Drew sing to Alli to try to win her back.
* With Fitz, threw Adam through a glass door after finding him in the boys' room.
* Sprayed homophobic epithets on Riley's locker and the football bus.
* With Fitz, threw Zane into a dumpster.
* Attempted to buy sexual favors from Alli at Vegas Night.
* Sexually harassed Anya during CPR class while attempting to "flirt."
* Humiliated at the Dot when Anya confronted him about the harassment.
* Dated Anya and helped her train for the army.
* Joined the Ice Hounds hockey team.
* Helped find Tristan when he disappeared before the opening night of Romeo and Jules.

Memorable Quotes:
"I know some guys who would pay big bucks to hook up with a girl like you."

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