Owen Milligan Picture - Degrassi Season 14

Owen Milligan

When Owen's not busy flexing his physical strength, he's typically mocking everything and everyone around him. Owen may not want to admit it, but he does have a softer side -- he's very protective of his younger brother, Tristan.

Notable Events:
* Fought with K.C.
* Helped Riley plastic wrap Drew to the flagpole.
* Reluctantly helped Drew sing to Alli to try to win her back.
* With Fitz, threw Adam through a glass door after finding him in the boys' room.
* Sprayed homophobic epithets on Riley's locker and the football bus.
* With Fitz, threw Zane into a dumpster.
* Attempted to buy sexual favors from Alli at Vegas Night.
* Sexually harassed Anya during CPR class while attempting to "flirt."
* Humiliated at the Dot when Anya confronted him about the harassment.
* Dated Anya and helped her train for the army.
* Joined the Ice Hounds hockey team.
* Helped find Tristan when he disappeared before the opening night of Romeo and Jules.

Memorable Quotes:
"I know some guys who would pay big bucks to hook up with a girl like you."

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