Paige Michalchuk Picture - Degrassi Season 14

Paige Michalchuk

Living in Hollywood, Paige is working toward becoming a stylist, but she doesn't mind if the folks back home think she's already made it.

Notable Events:
* Started band with Ashley and Terri in middle school.
* Was date raped at a fraternity party; faced down her rapist in court.
* Hooked up with her student teacher, got him fired.
* Bared her claws to pretty much everyone.
* Tore Manny's dress off in front of the entire school.
* Got high and blew her college interview.
* Started going out with Alex after convincing herself that it was okay.
* Got dumped by Alex for being too controlling.
* Got accepted to Banting, her dream school.
* Failed Calculus, panicked, almost burned down her dorm room, caught the drift that Banting wasn't for her.
* Moved in with Marco and Ellie.
* Started as manager for Jimmy and Spinner's T-shirt store.
* Tried the friends-with-benefits thing with Spinner and Jesse.
* Rekindled her relationship with Alex.
* Dumped Alex for not respecting her and for having a hand in wrecking her budding fashion career.
* Found out Griffin is HIV positive after she slept with him.
* Moved into a condo her father bought for her.
* Worked as a personal assistant in L.A. while claiming to be a stylist.
* Briefly became a Hollywood diva.
* Became Jason Mewes' assistant and helped out on his movie.

Memorable Quote:
"Four years of high school. Will you spend them cool with us, or as a social loser outcast with her? You decide."

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