Peter Stone Picture - Degrassi Season 14

Peter Stone

The son of Degrassi's former principal, Ms. Hatzilakos, Peter's doing his best to leave his reckless, mischievous ways behind him, but it's harder than he ever expected.

Notable Events:
* Videotaped drunk Manny taking her top off, then emailed it around the school when she wouldn't go out with him.
* Won over Emma and secretly started seeing her.
* Discovered Emma's eating disorder and teamed up with Manny to intervene.
* Went up against Sean in a street race that ended with a pedestrian being hit.
* Framed Sean for drug possession, sent him to jail, lost Emma forever.
* Took sexy pictures of Darcy; posted them on the Internet against her will.
* Secretly dated Darcy.
* Got drunk with Darcy the night she was raped; mistakenly thought he had sex with her; bragged about it to the school.
* Realized the truth and helped Darcy face it.
* Formed the band Stüdz with Danny, Sav, and Spinner.
* Decided to stay at Degrassi, although his mother left town.
* Started dating Mia.
* Was kissed by Riley, but kept it to himself and stayed friends with him.
* Considered moving to Kenya to be with Darcy.
* Confessed his love for Mia after the shooting at The Dot.
* Planned to follow Mia when she got a modeling gig in Paris.
* Got hooked on meth; Mia dumped him; he got kicked out of the Stüdz.
* Accepted into Toronto University.
* Worked part-time at The Dot; opened a club upstairs called Above The Dot.

Memorable Quote:
"The past is, like, over."

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