Riley Stavros Picture - Degrassi Season 14

Riley Stavros

A consummate jock with a traditional Greek family, Riley had an exceptionally hard time coming to terms with the fact that he's gay. Over time he's learned to accept himself... but it's not always smooth sailing.

Notable Events:
* Led Degrassi's football team to their first-ever win.
* Became friends with Peter; tried to kiss him.
* Hooked up with an old camp friend in the woods.
* Tried steroids; injured Sav in a violent rage; stopped taking them.
* Dated Anya and Fiona in attempts to be straight.
* Punched the gay lifeguard coach, Sam, on whom he had a crush.
* Tried to find a cure for his sexual orientation.
* Decided with Sam's help that he doesn't need to come out while he's still in high school.
* Became friends with Anya, who eventually helped him get together with Zane.
* Dated Zane, but wanted to keep it a secret.
* Hazed rival Drew.
* Dealt with his internalized homophobia with Zane's help.
* Openly bid on Zane in a charity auction.
* Nominated himself and Zane for Vegas Night kings, effectively outing himself to the school.
* Got a college football scholarship without hiding that he is gay.
* Came out to his mom despite her deep denial.
* Graduated Degrassi; reunited with Zane.
* Enrolled at Eastern University with Zane.

Memorable Quote:
"As if I'm going to tell my parents I need money to get de-gayed!"

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