Sean Cameron Picture - Degrassi Season 14

Sean Cameron

Notable Events: * Tried to go from bad boy to good boy, won over Emma * Fell in with Jay and ended up a badder boy, lost Emma * Made amends. Became an emancipated youth and ex-bad-boy. * Fell for Ellie. Convinced her to move in with him. * Saved Emma from Rick's gun. The gun went off, killing Rick. * To cope with the shooting, moved home to his parents at Wasaga Beach. * Returned to Degrassi, rekindled things with Emma * Hit a jogger during a street race with Peter, left the scene, went to jail. * Released from prison, restarted relationship with Emma * Almost ruined relationship with Emma in anger over "the Jay incident" * Took it to the next level with Emma, feared he got her pregnant * Joined the military to try to improve his future prospects * Home on leave, he became Snake's fitness coach * He shipped out to fight in Afghanistan