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Spinner Mason

Spinner has overcome some major challenges, including cancer. Now that he's out of school, he's ready for the next phase of his life.

Notable Events:
* With Jay, publicly humiliated Rick; shifted blame to Jimmy.
* Confessed; was expelled.
* Lost his friends.
* Tried to turn himself around; was allowed back to school.
* Broke off ties with Jay and found Jesus with Darcy's help.
* Reconnected with Marco by standing up for his lifestyle.
* Revirgified himself for Darcy, but got dumped for having sex with Paige.
* Won Jimmy and Darcy's forgiveness.
* Dumped Darcy after she posted sexy pics of herself on the Web.
* Started a T-shirt biz with Jimmy.
* Gave Marco a lesson in tough love when Marco struggled with gambling.
* Unsuccessfully tried the friends-with-benefits thing with Paige.
* Fought various Lakehurst students.
* Started dating Jane.
* Fought testicular cancer.
* Used marijuana to cope with the chemotherapy's side effects.
* Joined Stüdz when Danny, Sav, and Peter needed a drummer.
* Nearly failed Science until Jimmy got the exam postponed.
* Graduated from Degrassi.
* Got rejected from police college.
* Proposed to Jane; got turned down.
* Was shot in the arm during a robbery at The Dot; saved by Holly J.
* Found out Jane cheated on him with Declan; broke up with her and punched Declan in the face.
* Took a trip to Niagara Falls with Manny, Jay, and Emma.
* Drunkenly eloped with Emma; they decided to stay married and have a proper wedding when they realized they really do love each other.

Memorable Quote:
"I'm whipped. I'm totally spineless. My girlfriend completely runs my life."

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