Tori Santamaria Picture - Degrassi Season 14

Tori Santamaria

Tori's used to getting what she wants. She's spoiled, but she's not really a "brat" -- her positive attitude and winning smile rub off on nearly everyone she meets.

Notable Events:
* Reunited with Zig during their first week at Degrassi.
* Convinced Tristan and Zig perform with her at the Degrassi Coffee House.
* Joined the Power Squad, but got demoted to mascot for being late.
* Tried to hook Adam up with his secret admirer, Tristan.
* Revealed to Maya that she failed the fourth grade and is a year older than her peers.
* Played the nurse in Romeo and Jules.
* Broke up with Zig when she found out he stole the dance ticket money; rekindled their relationship when he told her the truth about his financial situation and introduced her to his mom.
* Helped find Tristan when he was missing on the opening night of Romeo and Jules.
* Gave Tristan his first kiss.

Memorable Quote:
"We're gonna have so much fun this year."