Zane Park Picture - Degrassi Season 14

Zane Park

Out, proud, and political, Zane has a confidence beyond his years. He doesn't flinch at the verbal barbs of his football teammates, and though he has as good a reason as any gay teen to be wary -- he's certainly been bullied and underestimated -- he refuses to live in fear. Somewhat battle-scarred from having had to overcome so much, he can sometimes be impatient with the unenlightened.

Notable Events:
* Is in the LGBT club.
* Began dating Riley after meeting him in yoga and inviting him to an LGBT mixer.
* Joined football as a kicker to be closer to Riley.
* Helped Riley realize his own internalized homophobia.
* Has been on-again off-again with Riley over Riley's struggles with coming out.
* Was thrown in a dumpster by Fitz and Owen.
* Ran for Vegas Night kings with Riley, but lost.
* Supported Riley when he came out to his mom.
* Graduated Degrassi; reunited with Riley.
* Enrolled at Eastern University with Riley.

Memorable Quote:
"My Greek food tour guide. My thoughtful bike fixer. My back-row movie partner... My guy."

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