Zig Novak Picture - Degrassi Season 14

Zig Novak

Zig is handsome, charming, and obsessed with skateboarding. He finds himself in detention on a regular basis, but he can usually talk his way out of trouble.

Notable Events:
* Reunited with his ex-girlfriend Tori.
* Performed at the Degrassi Coffee House with Tori and Tristan.
* Volunteered to be Degrassi's mascot, so Tori wouldn't have to do it.
* Became lead singer and guitarist of WhisperHug.
* Called off his four-month anniversary with Tori, because he couldn't afford a nice gift.
* Took Tori to Little Miss Steaks, and left without paying.
* Stole money to pay Marisol back; got caught (and dumped) by Tori.
* Explained his financial situation to Tori and rekindled their relationship.

Memorable Quote:
"I hate being poor!"