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  • Alien Invasion show

    Alien Invasion

    Drake & Josh: "Alien Invasion"

    It's Megan's turn to get pranked!

  • I Love Sushi show

    I Love Sushi

    Drake & Josh: "I Love Sushi"

    Grab your chopsticks! Drake & Josh are working in a sushi factory.

  • The Affair show

    The Affair

    Drake & Josh: "The Affair"

    Drake overhears his dad making secret plans.


  • Personality Quiz

    Personality Quiz

    Drake & Josh: Personality Quiz

    Are you a Drake or a Josh? FIND OUT with this personality quiz!

  • Best Christmas Ever!

    Best Christmas Ever!

    Drake & Josh: Best Christmas Ever!

    Collect holiday pals for the best Christmas parade EVER!

About the Show

About the Show

Drake & Josh

Drake and Josh are two guys with different personalities. REALLY different. Going to the same school is about the only thing they have in common. Well, going to the same school AND sharing a room and the same f...


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