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Tammy Lane

Tammy Lane (Played by Gracie Gilbert)

"For a boy, virginity is a social stigma. For a girl, it's a valuable commodity."

Smart, insightful, and idealistic, Tammy has been best friends with Ed since childhood. Tammy is known as a "good girl," but she's ready to change her image -- and her friends are more than willing to help her break a few rules! One thing Tammy knows for sure is that she's not going to sleep with anyone until she finds the right guy. (She made a pact with Ed that if they're both virgins at the end of exams, they'll take care of each other.) Tammy has a crush on Luke, but she doesn't want to fall for a guy with his reputation. Tammy feels things intensely, but rather than express these feelings she often masks them with witty banter.