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Kylie Lan Tumiatti: 2012 Honoree

Abandoned at birth on the steps of a home for the elderly in Gaoming, China, Kylie Lan Tumiatti was adopted into a loving family that instilled in her a passion for giving back to the community. Her love of reading started when her parents read to her throughout the 25 hour flight home. After watching her younger sister and other adoptees struggle with learning English, she decided to help others who faced similar obstacles.

Passionate about promoting literacy and an avid reader herself, she contacted Operation Hope in Fellsmere, Fla., a non-profit facility that provides prekindergarten classes to children of migrant workers. Together they implemented a literacy program that enhances the language skills of young children while simultaneously instilling a love of stories and books.

Tumiatti wanted to engage the children and teach them the importance of reading in a way that would allow them to easily understand words. She decided the best path would be to bring books to life through performance (complete with costumes) and by recording audio books for children to listen to at the center and at home. In addition to securing grants to purchase audio recording equipment, Tumiatti recruited child actors and volunteers to record the stories. As many of the children live in homes without technology, Tumiatti also collected battery-operated CD players, making it possible for the students to continue their education out of the classroom.

For more information on Operation Hope, click here.

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