Michelangelo Picture - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Call me Mikey. I'm definitely the funnest of all my brothers. I love video games, skateboarding, pranking the other guys and duh, pizza!

Kusarigama, to deliver a swinging nunchuk smackdown

Michelangelo Pictures

  • Hey! | Robo-dudes better hide their brains when Mikey (that's me!) swings his chain!
  • Whoa! | Close one! Note to self, do NOT attempt to surf tidal waves of flames.
  • Dang! | Ooooh that rude robot just got <i>smaaacked</i>!
  • Sheesh! | Man, my brothers are always telling me to be quiet, I mean, who shushes a ninja!
  • Yikes! | OK guys! Who ordered the missiles?!