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  • You're Kind Of... show

    You're Kind Of...


    O'Grady Moment: You're Kind Of...

    Abby's a lot of things -- but that doesn't mean she wants to hear a list of them.

  • Moment: The Jig is Up show

    Moment: The Jig is Up


    O'Grady Moment: The Jig is Up

    Beth confronts Mr. Lipschitz about his secret Bollywood past.

  • Moment: Secrets show

    Moment: Secrets


    O'Grady Moment: Secrets

    Beth can totally keep a secret. She just hasn't done it yet.

  • Moment: Phone Call show

    Moment: Phone Call


    O'Grady Moment: Phone Call

    OMG! Pete Klesko is calling Abby right now! PETE KLESKO!

Clones Gone Wild

About the Show

About the Show


Being a teen is strange enough. Now imagine going through it all in a town where a mysterious "Weirdness" regularly strikes to wreak havoc with random and severely dignity-thwarting phenomena. For most, such "W...

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