South of Nowhere Cast

Gabrielle Christian Picture - South of Nowhere

Gabrielle plays Spencer Carlin, which is kind of a cool coincidence, because she's a cousin of the movie legend Spencer Tracy. She's been performing since she was 12 and growing up in Maryland, and she scored her first TV gig while she was still in high school, a part on the series Young Americans. She studied theater at the University of Pittsburgh, then moved to Hollywood and landed roles on Without a Trace, What Should You Do?, Drake & Josh, and Windfall. But Gabrielle says she prefers South to all of those, because the show deals with sensitive subjects that need to be discussed. Gabrielle speaks fluent Hungarian (her dad's native language). She loves traveling, hiking, boogie boarding, going to movies, and singing. Her friends call her Gabby.

Chris Hunter Picture - South of Nowhere

He got his start in middle-school plays in Tacoma, Wa., and pretty quickly wound up with roles on The Amanda Show, That's So Raven, and Boston Public. When South came along, Chris immediately felt an affinity for handsome, popular, basketball star Glen. Chris spends most of his free time surfing. He loves animation and hopes to take on voiceover roles. To speed things along, he's co-creating a cartoon.

Danso Gordon Picture - South of Nowhere

He had his own kind of real-life South experience, when he moved to LA from Canada at age 15 and struggled to fit in. After graduation, Danso studied theater arts at Valley College and psychobiology at UCLA, and landed a shoe commercial with Charles Barkley. He went on to appear in the shows Sliders, Get Real, and Hang Time, and the movies American History X, Dirty Deeds and Dear Wendy. In his spare time Danso maintains an interest in real estate, and he plans on producing and writing his own films.

Mandy Musgrave Picture - South of Nowhere

She first stepped onstage in school plays at age six and focused intently on acting in high school in Orlando, with productions of Anything Goes and The Miracle Worker. After graduation, she resolved to follow in the footsteps of her grandmother, actress Rita Ray, and headed to Hollywood. Within a year, she snagged roles in shows like CSI and Malcolm in the Middle, but most people remember her as the vixen Chelsea Benson on Days Of Our Lives. Mandy plays volleyball, water polo, and kickball, and she bowls and runs track. She also writes poetry, collages, and sings. If you see someone on the street that looks like Mandy, it might be her identical twin sister Jamie.

Matthew Cohen Picture - South of Nowhere

In high school in South Florida, Matt was a special team starter in football and a top-three finisher in track meets, and still scored perfect attendance and a 3.8 GPA. After high school, Matt headed to Florida State to study business and on a lark signed up for a couple of theater classes. He decided he loved it, threw himself into it, and was auditioning in LA within six months. Matt spends his free time feeding his adrenaline addiction through skydiving, boxing, racing, and doing anything involving a board.

Rob Moran Picture - South of Nowhere

He grew up in Rhode Island, then went to Emerson College in Boston, where a friend dared him to try out for a play. He took the dare and wound up with an acting career that includes roles in the Farrelly Brothers' comedies King Pin, There's Something About Mary, Me, Myself & Irene and Dumb & Dumber, not to mention TV appearances in Numb3rs, Cold Case, CSI: Miami, Without a Trace, The West Wing and Days of Our Lives. Rob's married to entertainment correspondent Julie Moran. A music lover, he says he has a "rock 'n roll heart." He also loves to surf.

Maeve Quinlan Picture - South of Nowhere

Until now, she was probably best known as Megan Conley on the soap The Bold and the Beautiful, a role she held for 11 years and that scored her the title of one of soap's "Most Beautiful People." Maeve's also made a name as an indie film actress in movies like Totally Blonde, The Nickel Children, and Heart of America. Maeve grew up outside of Chicago, and she rocked the tennis courts at the junior, college, and pro levels before she took to acting. She dedicates her time supporting charities involved with ovarian cancer and benefiting abused and abandoned animals. She's single and lives in Los Angeles with her golden retriever Mr. Guinness.

Valery Ortiz Picture - South of Nowhere

She started acting as a kid in her brother's home movies in Orlando, but her career took off when she hit college. As a junior at the University of Central Florida, Valery nabbed a job hosting the Nickelodeon game show Splat!. Pretty soon she hooked South of Nowhere, then hooked on a giant prosthetic ass as Jell-O in the hit movie Date Movie. In real life, Valery's the total opposite of Madison. She plans on launching a charity for disadvantaged kids in Orlando, working with the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, writing novels, and opening a small, family-owned restaurant.

Austen Parros Picture - South of Nowhere

He's loved acting since he was in middle-school musicals in Colorado, but he took some time off to join the U.S. Air Force, where he served as an aerospace propulsion journeyman and staff-sergeant-select at Edwards Air Force Base. After he left the military, Austen came to LA, picked up acting again, and landed a part ON HIS FIRST AUDITION, a regular role on the show Judging Amy. Austen loves dancing and listening to neo-soul and R&B.

Aasha Davis Picture - South of Nowhere

She's a globetrotter. At age 7 she left for boarding school in the Caribbean, and later lived in Montreal, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C, before moving to LA. There she picked up some behind-the-scenes work and decided to try her luck in front of the camera. Since then she's appeared on Gilmore Girls, ER, House and The Shield. Aasha likes riding her BMX bike, playing guitar, making her own greeting cards, taking road trips, and hiking.

Eileen Boylan Picture - South of Nowhere

She was kind of a late bloomer in acting, not landing her first professional gig until she was EIGHT. Since then she's had regular roles on Strong Medicine and General Hospital. Eileen is interested in art, music, photography, reading and learning?especially studying to improve her craft. When she's not on set, she takes classes towards a Bachelor of Arts degree at a local college.