• Five Easy Pieces show

    Five Easy Pieces

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    The Best Years: "Five Easy Pieces"

    At the moment Sam needs Dorothy the most, she learns the dark truth about her benefactor.

  • Destiny show


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    The Best Years: "Destiny"

    Sam organizes a Canadian Thanksgiving for Noah, which brings the dorm family together, but drives her and Rich apart.

  • Dermabrasion show


    Full Episode

    The Best Years: "Dermabrasion"

    When Sam casts a play about her innermost feelings, Robyn seizes the chance to rebel. Del and Kat psychoanalyze their friends.

  • Dangerous Liaisons show

    Dangerous Liaisons

    Full Episode

    The Best Years: "Dangerous Liaisons"

    After an eight-month detour to South America capped by a disastrous romantic fling, Sam returns to Charles University to rebuild her life.

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About the Show

The Best Years

Samantha Best arrives for a new semester at Charles University ready to make the most of every opportunity that comes her way. As she's pulled in different directions by her friends, her family, and her own hea...

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