• Bad Girl: Lab Partner show

    Bad Girl: Lab Partner


    Zoey 101: "Bad Girl: Lab Partner"

    Trisha is a bad girl-18 detentions last year! Does she have a thing for Dustin?

  • Trading Places show

    Trading Places

    Full Episode

    Zoey 101: "Trading Places"

    Zoey's returned to PCA with big news but the gang has some bad news of their own!

  • Fake Roommate show

    Fake Roommate

    Full Episode

    Zoey 101: "Fake Roommate"

    After taking Zoey's advice, Coco is fired and it's up to Zoey to get her job back!

  • Curse of PCA show

    Curse of PCA

    Full Episode

    Zoey 101: "Curse of PCA"

    Is PCA haunted by Charles Galloway, a student who lost his mind because of a test?


  • Gift Shift

    Gift Shift

    Exchange and swap gifts with Zoey her crew!

  • The Curse of PCA

    The Curse of PCA

    Help Chase rescue Zoey from a marauding ghost!


About the Show

About the Show

Zoey 101

Zoey's back for another year at the formerly all-boys boarding school, Pacific Coast Academy. A new year means new classes, new adventures, new friends... and even a new roommate. Go back to school with Zoey, C...

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