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  • One reason to break up before college.

    Not every boyfriend is as clingy as Eric (Jason Segal) from Undeclared... but still.

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  • What's Your Dorm Personality?
    What's Your Dorm Personality?

    We don't know which residence hall you live in, but we know exactly who you are -- without even scanning your student ID! Take the quiz.

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  • Undeclared: FREE MONEY!

    Hey kids! Did you know that once you get to college, banks give you FREE MONEY? It's true! (Processing fees not included; finance charges may apply; please call to verify eligibility.)

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  • What's Your Roommate Quirk?
    What's Your Roommate Quirk?

    You may think you're the perfect roommate, but this quiz isn't so sure.

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  • Degrassi Breakdown: "Holiday Road"

    Those who haven't seen the latest Degrassi episode yet, go watch it, and skip this 'til you have. (Possible spoilers inside!) Everyone else... how often do you ____________? Have you ever seen a friend do a total over-share online? Would you want to take a _________? And how do you work out the check on a date? Let's break it down.

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