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  • The Laydown video

    The Laydown

    Degrassi On the Set: "The Laydown"

    When you're shooting fight scenes, how do you make sure no one gets hurt? Keep Sarah B-T away from Aubrey Graham.

  • Taking Back Sunday video

    Taking Back Sunday

    Degrassi On the Set: "Taking Back Sunday"

    Taking Back Sunday glams up the Degrassi studio. By eating the cookies people drop on the floor.

  • Stacey's Big Kiss video

    Stacey's Big Kiss

    Degrassi On The Set: "Stacey's Big Kiss"

    Stacey Farber gives some secrets on how to make a TV kiss look sexy, then tries them out during her first lip-lock with Steve Belford.

  • Spirit Squad Gone Wild video

    Spirit Squad Gone Wild

    Degrassi On The Set: "Spirit Squad Gone Wild"

    The hardest part of cheerleading on Degrassi? Not hurting yourself. The second hardest part? Not hurting Cassie Steele for smack talking your ass all over the Internet.

  • So You Think You Can Dance, Degrassi video

    So You Think You Can Dance, Degrassi

    Degrassi On the Set: "So You Think You Can Dance, Degrassi"

    This behind-the-scenes dance competition features moves you will NEVER forget.

  • Shane's Excellent Dominican Adventure video

    Shane's Excellent Dominican Adventure

    Degrassi on the Set: "Shane's Excellent Dominican Adventure"

    Entertainment Tonight invited Shane Kippel down to the Caribbean to work. "Work" meaning "lie by his private pool and share frosty beverages fetched by his personal butler with beautiful dancing girls."

  • Ryan's Last Day video

    Ryan's Last Day

    Degrassi On The Set: "Ryan's Last Day"

    Be there as the cast finds out that J.T.'s going to die, and as they spend their last day with a friend they've known for six years.

  • Rooftop Shenanigans video

    Rooftop Shenanigans

    Degrassi On the Set: "Rooftop Shenanigans"

    Be there as Shenae Grimes gives Scott Paterson his first kiss, way up in the stratosphere. (PS: make sure you watch all the way through the logos at the end.)

  • On the Set: "Prom!" video

    On the Set: "Prom!"

    Degrassi On the Set: "Prom!"

    The sweetest thing about the fake prom is that it's almost like a real prom for the cast, since they've been together since Jake Goldsbie's bar mitzvah.

  • Prison Break video

    Prison Break

    Degrassi On The Set: "Prison Break"

    The name says it all. A real jail, real criminals, and Miriam McDonald smacking around Daniel Clark.

  • Owner of a Lonely Heart video

    Owner of a Lonely Heart

    Degrassi On the Set: "Owner of a Lonely Heart"

    Spend a day on the set with Adamo as he shoots his most intense episode yet.

  • One Last Dance video

    One Last Dance

    Degrassi On the Set: "One Last Dance"

    Another season's over, but no one's crying. Yet.

  • On the Set: "Natasha Bedingfield" video

    On the Set: "Natasha Bedingfield"

    Degrassi On the Set: "Natasha Bedingfield"

    The hardest part of being on Degrassi for Natasha Bedingfield? Remembering not to look into the camera.

  • On the Set: "Metamorphosis" video

    On the Set: "Metamorphosis"

    Degrassi On the Set: "Metamorphosis"

    Clare's getting a makeover? Turn up the music -- it's MONTAGE time!

  • Love Will Keep Us Together video

    Love Will Keep Us Together

    Degrassi On the Set: "Love Will Keep Us Together"

    Behind the scenes at Degrassi, there's a hot debate: Which two characters should hook up next?

  • On the Set: "Love Is in the Air" video

    On the Set: "Love Is in the Air"

    Degrassi On the Set: "Love Is in the Air"

    Mike Lobel is in the mood to slow dance -- and tell you about his first REAL kiss.

  • On the Set: "Learning to Talk" video

    On the Set: "Learning to Talk"

    Degrassi On the Set: "Learning to Talk"

    The hardest scenes to shoot? The ones where your mouth stops working.

  • Lauren Collins: Fashionista! video

    Lauren Collins: Fashionista!

    Degrassi On the Set: "Lauren Collins: Fashionista!"

    Lauren reveals her fashion role models and the secret to perfect hair height.

  • On the Set: "Jane + Spinner" video

    On the Set: "Jane + Spinner"

    Degrassi On the Set: "Jane + Spinner"

    Paula and Shane are close, but are they close enough to touch tongues on camera?

  • Degrassi On the Set: "Jake and Spring Break" video

    Degrassi On the Set: "Jake and Spring Break"

    Degrassi On the Set: "Jake and Spring Break"

    Be there as Jake Epstein returns for the Spring Break Movie to sing a song with Melissa McIntyre while the rest of the cast pretends to like him.

  • It's Lauren's Time video

    It's Lauren's Time

    Degrassi on the Set: "It's Lauren's Time"

    It's Lauren Collins time! For about five seconds, until Aubrey Graham walks in the door.