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  • Convention: The Cute Stuff video

    Convention: The Cute Stuff

    Malcolm in the Middle: "Convention: The Cute Stuff"

    After the cute babysitter gives Dewey a bath, Malcolm and Reese take action.

  • Shame: Not Funny video

    Shame: Not Funny

    Malcolm in the Middle: "Shame: Not Funny"

    Malcolm expected to be punished, but are Lois and Hal letting him off the hook?

  • Stock Car Races: Forbidden video

    Stock Car Races: Forbidden

    Malcolm in the Middle: "Stock Car Races: Forbidden"

    What's behind the "forbidden" door? There's only one way to find out.

  • Pilot: Malcolm's Painting video

    Pilot: Malcolm's Painting

    Malcolm in the Middle: "Pilot: Malcolm's Painting"

    Malcolm's good at art, but his classmate is only good at pranks.

  • Malcolm Babysits: Hunting Bugs video

    Malcolm Babysits: Hunting Bugs

    Malcolm in the Middle: "Malcolm Babysits: Hunting Bugs"

    Where are all the bugs coming from? Hal's about to find out.

  • Get Off My Tail video

    Get Off My Tail

    H2O: "Get Off My Tail"

    Can Cleo win Lewis back?

  • Moonwalker video


    H2O: "Moonwalker"

    Is Charlotte on to the secret of the moon pool?

  • Abby & Veronica video

    Abby & Veronica

    Back at the Barnyard: "Abby & Veronica"

    Abby's cousin has gone from tomboy to bombshell!

  • Irresistible video


    H2O: "Irresistible"

    Nate's secret potion has strange powers over Emma, Cleo and Rikki!

  • Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh video

    Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh

    Drake & Josh: "Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh"

    Can Drake & Josh make this the best Christmas ever?

  • Fish Fever video

    Fish Fever

    H2O: "Fish Fever"

    Is Emma turning into a fish?

  • In Over Our Heads video

    In Over Our Heads

    H2O: "In Over Our Heads"

    While searching for a treasure chest, Rikki injures herself!

  • Missed the Boat video

    Missed the Boat

    H2O: "Missed the Boat"

    Are Lewis and Charlotte an item??!

  • Defending Dustin video

    Defending Dustin

    Zoey 101: "Defending Dustin"

    Zoey sticks up for Dustin!

  • Jet-X video


    Zoey 101: "Jet-X"

    The Jet-X is the coolest vehicle on campus!

  • Pressure Cooker video

    Pressure Cooker

    H2O: "Pressure Cooker"

    Don appears to have a girlfriend...and it's Charlotte's mother!

  • Riding for a Fall video

    Riding for a Fall

    H2O: "Riding for a Fall"

    Yikes! Lewis has TWO dates to his awards dinner!

  • Wrong Side of the Tracks video

    Wrong Side of the Tracks

    H2O: "Wrong Side of the Tracks"

    Rikki wants to keep her history secret from Zane.

  • In Hot Water video

    In Hot Water

    H2O: "In Hot Water"

    Will Lewis take the fall for the girls' prank?

  • Notes/Best Friends video

    Notes/Best Friends

    Ned's: "Notes/Best Friends"

    Who sent Moze the love note?

  • Cheaters/Bullies video


    Ned's: "Cheater/Bullies"

    Check out Ned's tips on how to avoid bullies!