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  • Notes/Best Friends video

    Notes/Best Friends

    Ned's: "Notes/Best Friends"

    Who sent Moze the love note?

  • Cheaters/Bullies video


    Ned's: "Cheater/Bullies"

    Check out Ned's tips on how to avoid bullies!

  • The Affair video

    The Affair

    Drake & Josh: "The Affair"

    Drake overhears his dad making secret plans.

  • Broadcast Views video

    Broadcast Views

    Zoey 101: "Broadcast Views"

    Chase's webcast is a hit after Zoey & Logan call in to spice things up!

  • Bad Girl video

    Bad Girl

    Zoey 101: "Bad Girl"

    Zoey finds out about Dustin's new girlfriend!

  • Spring Fling video

    Spring Fling

    Zoey 101: "Spring Fling"

    Drake Bell performs at Pacific Coast Academy's Spring Fling!

  • Fire and Ice video

    Fire and Ice

    H2O: "Fire and Ice"

    Does Elliot think Rikki would make a better sister than Emma?

  • The One the Got Away video

    The One the Got Away

    H2O: "The One that Got Away"

    Cleo might be jealous of Lewis's new friend!

  • Control video


    H2O: "Control"

    Cleo wants Lewis to just leave her alone!

  • Alien Invasion video

    Alien Invasion

    Drake & Josh: "Alien Invasion"

    It's Megan's turn to get pranked!

  • The Play video

    The Play

    Zoey 101: "The Play"

    Will Chase finally get to kiss Zoey?

  • Robot Wars video

    Robot Wars

    Zoey 101: "Robot Wars"

    Quinn overhears Logan making fun of her...

  • Lola Likes Chase video

    Lola Likes Chase

    Zoey 101: "Lola Likes Chase"

    Lola asked out Chase! Is Zoey...jealous?

  • Disc Golf video

    Disc Golf

    Zoey 101: "Disc Golf"

    Zoey's through with running laps in gym class...

  • Backpack video


    Zoey 101: "Backpack"

    Someone stole Zoey's idea and is making money off of it!

  • Failing/Tutors video


    Ned's: "Failing/Tutors"

    Ned's tutor isn't actually teaching him anything!

  • Asking Someone Out/Recycling video

    Asking Someone Out/Recycling

    Ned's: "Asking Someone Out/Recycling"

    Ned tries to ask someone out without freezing up!

  • Shyness/ Nicknames video

    Shyness/ Nicknames

    Ned's: "Shyness/Nicknames"

    Simon is tackling shyness as a personal shyness consultant!

  • Blues Brothers video

    Blues Brothers

    Drake & Josh: "Blues Brothers"

    In the local talent show, a rival steals Drake's signature song!

  • Guitar video


    Drake & Josh: "The Guitar"

    Josh accidentally destroys Drake's prized guitar!

  • Pilot video


    Drake & Josh: "Pilot"

    Drake & Josh are suddenly stepbrothers!