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  • Stormy Weather video

    Stormy Weather

    H2O: "Stormy Weather"

    The girls are in for a night of trouble!

  • Smart Girl video

    Smart Girl

    Drake & Josh: "Smart Girl"

    To woo a smart girl, Drake joins the school Academic Team!

  • The Gary Grill video

    The Gary Grill

    Drake & Josh: "The Gary Grill"

    Drake and Josh are thrown in the slammer!

  • Honor Council video

    Honor Council

    Drake & Josh: "Honor Council"

    Drake faces suspension after he's falsely accused of a practical joke!

  • The Demonator video

    The Demonator

    Drake & Josh: "The Demonator"

    Will babysitting keep Drake & Josh from riding a rollercoaster?

  • Megan's New Teacher video

    Megan's New Teacher

    Drake & Josh: "Megan's New Teacher"

    Josh gets a job student teaching in Megan's class!

  • Paging Dr. Drake video

    Paging Dr. Drake

    Drake & Josh: "Paging Dr. Drake"

    After a botched weightlifting routine, Josh ends up in the hospital!

  • Foam Finger video

    Foam Finger

    Drake & Josh: "Foam Finger"

    What really happened at that San Diego Padres game 6 years ago?

  • Hocus Pocus video

    Hocus Pocus

    H2O: "Hocus Pocus"

    Lewis tests a magical potion on the girls!

  • In Too Deep video

    In Too Deep

    H2O: "In Too Deep"

    Miriam's out to make Rikki's life miserable!

  • Love Potion #9 video

    Love Potion #9

    H2O: "Love Potion #9"

    Armed with Lewis' water proof spray, the girls go to the school dance!

  • Exposed Part 2 video

    Exposed Part 2

    H2O: "Exposed Par t2"

    Dr. Denman sets a trap for the girls...

  • Exposed Part 1 video

    Exposed Part 1

    H2O: "Exposed Part 1"

    Dr. Denman returns to research Mako Island!

  • Fish Out of Water video

    Fish Out of Water

    H2O: "Fish Out of Water"

    Zane's Dad has plans to turn Mako Island into a tourist attraction!

  • Under the Weather video

    Under the Weather

    H2O: "Under the Weather"

    A rainy day traps the girls inside Emma's house.

  • Bad Moon Rising video

    Bad Moon Rising

    H2O: "Bad Moon Rising"

    Rikki's powers go haywire!

  • Surprise video


    H2O: "Surprise"

    Zane thinks a monster lives under the sea...and he's out to get it!

  • The Big Chill video

    The Big Chill

    H2O: "The Big Chill"

    Rikki's not cut out for a job at the Juice Bar!

  • Lovesick video


    H2O: "Lovesick"

    Are Cleo and Zane an item??

  • Shipwrecked video


    H2O: "Shipwrecked"

    Emma's out to save Miss Chatham!

  • The Siren Effect video

    The Siren Effect

    H2O: "The Siren Effect"

    It's another full moon...but this time the girls take precautions!