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    • Vicious Tiberius video

      Vicious Tiberius

      Drake & Josh: "Vicious Tiberius"

      Chow down with Tiberius then check out the PREMIERE 10/1 @ 7/6c!

    • Reading/Principals video


      Ned's: "Reading/Principals"

      Who will replace Principal Pal?

    • Chase's Girlfriend video

      Chase's Girlfriend

      Zoey 101: "Chase's Girlfriend"

      Is Chase's girlfriend as sweet as she seems?

    • Extra Scoop: Athletic video

      Extra Scoop: Athletic

      Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "Most Athletic"

      Christopher Massey talks about his athletic achievements before "Zoey 101!"

    • Extra Scoop: Guitar Lesson #1 video

      Extra Scoop: Guitar Lesson #1

      Extra Scoop: Drake & Josh: "Guitar Lesson 1"

      Drake Bell tells YOU how to play the "Drake & Josh" theme song!

    • Surprise video


      Zoey 101: "Surprise"

      What does Chase have to tell Zoey?

    • Extra Scoop: Cast Interviews video

      Extra Scoop: Cast Interviews

      Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "Cast Interviews"

      Find out why the cast is SO psyched for season 3!

    • Extra Scoop: Outtakes! video

      Extra Scoop: Outtakes!

      Extra Scoop: Ned's Declassified: "More Outtakes"

      The Ned's cast suffers a full-on laugh attack!

    • Extra Scoop: Outtakes! video

      Extra Scoop: Outtakes!

      Extra Scoop: Ned's Declassified: "Outtakes"

      Check out a behind-the-scenes blooper reel from the episode!

    • New Grade/Dodgeball video

      New Grade/Dodgeball

      Ned's: "New Grade/Dodgeball"

      It's a new year!

    • Josh Runs into Oprah video

      Josh Runs into Oprah

      Drake & Josh: "Josh Runs into Oprah"

      Happy Birthday, Josh!

    • Pool Shark video

      Pool Shark

      Drake & Josh: "Pool Shark"

      Josh rocks the billiard tables!

    • Chase'n Zoey video

      Chase'n Zoey

      Zoey 101: "Chase'n Zoey"

      Relive the romance...or almost romance...between Chase and Zoey.

    • Quinnventions video


      Zoey 101: "Quinnventions"

      Take a look back at Quinn's most memorable inventions...

    • Inside Ned's Head video

      Inside Ned's Head

      Ned's Declassified: "Inside Ned's Head"

      Welcome to Ned's head. Brace yourself!

    • Faces of Cookie video

      Faces of Cookie

      Ned's Declassified: "The Many Faces of Cookie"

      Cookie just wouldn't be Cookie without the costume changes.

    • Drake Parker on TRL video

      Drake Parker on TRL

      Drake & Josh: "Drake Parker on TRL"

      Drake rocks out on the TRL stage!

    • Megan: Evil Genius video

      Megan: Evil Genius

      Drake & Josh: "Megan: Evil Genius"

      Check out Megan's most malicious schemes!

    • Double Dating/ Last Day video

      Double Dating/ Last Day

      Ned's Declassified: "Double Dating/ Last Day"

      Ned and Suzie double date with Moze and Jock./Cookie cleans out his locker...yuck!

    • A Closer Look: Zoey video

      A Closer Look: Zoey

      A Closer Look: "Zoey"

      Zoey's a total fashionista but what's the one accessory she won't leave the dorm without?

    • Science Fair/Study Hall video

      Science Fair/Study Hall

      Ned's: "Science Fair/Study Hall"

      Ned's out to disprove a scientific theory.