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  • Extra Scoop: Tim Alert video

    Extra Scoop: Tim Alert

    Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "Tim Alert!"

    Tim keeps the cast of "Zoey 101" in check and on task!

  • Colbie Callie Interview video

    Colbie Callie Interview

    Colbie Caillat Interview

    Get the scoop straight from music's new sensation, Colbie Caillat!

  • Tattoo video


    Jordin Sparks: "Tattoo"

    Check out Jordin Spark's new video!

  • Jordin Sparks Q+A video

    Jordin Sparks Q+A

    Jordin Sparks Q+A

    Who have influenced Jordin Spark's career the most?

  • Extra Scoop: Meet Abby video

    Extra Scoop: Meet Abby

    Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "Meet Abby"

    Meet Abby, the actress behind Stacy on "Zoey 101"!

  • Miss PCA video

    Miss PCA

    Zoey 101: "Miss PCA"

    Lola and Zoey are against the PCA beauty pageant until Logan reveals the winner's prize.

  • Hands on a Blix Van video

    Hands on a Blix Van

    Zoey 101: "Hands on a Blix Van"

    Introducing Quinn's Breath Spray! Side effects include non-stop laughter.

  • Son of a Dean video

    Son of a Dean

    Zoey 101: "Son of a Dean"

    Zoey's cuddling up to the Dean's son!

  • Saving Mrs. Beady video

    Saving Mrs. Beady

    Back at the Barnyard: " Saving Mrs. Beady"

    After getting Mrs. Beady committed, the animals must help her break out!

  • Extra Scoop: Fashion Club video

    Extra Scoop: Fashion Club

    Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "Fashion Club"

    Meet the woman behind the "Zoey 101" style...

  • Zoey's Ribs video

    Zoey's Ribs

    Zoey 101: "Zoey's Ribs"

    It's a rib cook-off, PCA-style!

  • Extra Scoop: Fight, Fight, Hug video

    Extra Scoop: Fight, Fight, Hug

    Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "Fight, Fight, Hug!"

    The cast of "Zoey 101" performs all their own stunts!

  • The Favor Chain video

    The Favor Chain

    Zoey 101: "The Favor Chain"

    When Chase impresses some nerds, he can't get rid of them.

  • Extra Scoop: Hello My Name Is video

    Extra Scoop: Hello My Name Is

    Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "Hello My Name Is"

    How similar is the cast of "Zoey 101" to the characters they play? Find out!

  • Drake video


    Behind the Scenes with Drake & Josh

    Who will win the Back to School Bash grand prize?

  • Dance Contest video

    Dance Contest

    Drake & Josh: "Dance Contest"

    It's bro vs. bro in the dance contest to end all dance contests.

  • Dance Contest video

    Dance Contest

    Zoey 101: "Dance Contest"

    When Zoey loses her dance partner, it's Chase to the rescue!

  • Extra Scoop: Spare Time video

    Extra Scoop: Spare Time

    Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "Spare Time"

    What does the cast of "Zoey 101" do for fun? Find out!

  • Extra Scoop: Dance Montage video

    Extra Scoop: Dance Montage

    Extra Scoop: Drake & Josh: "Dance Montage"

    Check out all the moves and grooves as Drake & Josh take up dance!

  • Dance Contest video

    Dance Contest

    Zoey 101: "Dance Contest"

    Zoey and Chase has a late night dance party!

  • Crushes/Dances video


    Ned's Declassified: "Crushes and Dances"

    Ned's tip: they call it a "dance" for a reason! You're supposed to boogie down!