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  • Extra Scoop: First Pet video

    Extra Scoop: First Pet

    Extra Scoop: Drake & Josh:"First Pet"

    Josh waxes nostalgic about his first pet, a beta fish named beefy!

  • Extra Scoop: Devon DeClassified video

    Extra Scoop: Devon DeClassified

    Extra Scoop: Ned's Declassified: "Devon Declassified #2"

    Devon's had some great moments. Where does a kiss on the cheek from the director rank?

  • Lost and Found video

    Lost and Found

    Ned's Declassified: "Lost and Found"

    Ned & Moze fight over a pair of sneakers they found in the Lost & Found box.

  • Art Class/Lost & Found video

    Art Class/Lost & Found

    Ned's: "Art Class/Lost & Found"

    Cookie's become a celebrated artist!

  • Zoey's Tutor video

    Zoey's Tutor

    Zoey 101: "Zoey's Tutor"

    A pest's loose in the girls' dorm! Good thing Quinn's on the case!

  • Who's Got Game? video

    Who's Got Game?

    Drake & Josh: "Who's Got Game?"

    Josh is single and ready to mingle!

  • Extra Scoop: Devon DeClassified video

    Extra Scoop: Devon DeClassified

    Extra Scoop: Ned's Declassified: "Devon Declassified"

    Devon Werkheiser dishes about life as Ned and the two years worth of tips he's shared!

  • Halloween/Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves & Zombies video

    Halloween/Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves & Zombies

    Ned's: "Halloween/Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves & Zombies"

    Ned, Moze and Cookie kinda, sorta, maybe accidentally killed Principal Pal...oops...

  • Quarantine video


    Zoey 101: "Quarantine"

    After releasing a germ, Quinn's got half of PCA quaratined.

  • Extra Scoop: Museum Tour With Gordy video

    Extra Scoop: Museum Tour With Gordy

    Extra Scoop: Ned's Declassified: "Museum Tour With Gordy"

    Gordy hits up the Huffington Garden Museum for a little class and culture.

  • Extra Scoop: Miranda Talks Snack video

    Extra Scoop: Miranda Talks Snack

    Extra Scoop: Drake & Josh:"Miranda Talks Snack"

    Miranda chows down on 3 year old popcorn but just how much can she stomach?

  • Extra Scoop: Hottest Guy video

    Extra Scoop: Hottest Guy

    Extra Scoop: Zoey 101: "Hottest Guy"

    What's it like to be PCA's bad boy? Matthew Underwood, Logan on "Zoey 101," tells all!

  • Mindy Loves Josh video

    Mindy Loves Josh

    Drake & Josh: "Mindy Loves Josh"

    Does Mindy really love Josh?

  • Dismissal/School Plays video

    Dismissal/School Plays

    Ned's: "Dismissal/School Plays"

    Cookie was born to be a star...or so he thinks!

  • Hot Dean video

    Hot Dean

    Zoey 101: "Hot Dean"

    Who will fill Dean Rivers' shoes?

  • The Wedding video

    The Wedding

    Drake & Josh: "The Wedding"

    Will Drake and Josh make it to the wedding?

  • Extra Scoop: Guitar Lesson #2 video

    Extra Scoop: Guitar Lesson #2

    Extra Scoop: Drake & Josh: "Guitar Lesson #2"

    Get ready to swoon! Drake Bell performs YOUR favorite theme song!

  • Extra Scoop: Meet Gordy! video

    Extra Scoop: Meet Gordy!

    Extra Scoop: Ned's Declassified: "Meet Gordy!"

    What drives Darren Norris, Gordy on "Ned's"? Is it a passion for acting or the free food?

  • Popularity/Stress video


    Ned's: "Popularity/Stress"

    No need to stress!

  • Vicious Tiberius video

    Vicious Tiberius

    Drake & Josh: "Vicious Tiberius"

    Chow down with Tiberius then check out the PREMIERE 10/1 @ 7/6c!

  • Reading/Principals video


    Ned's: "Reading/Principals"

    Who will replace Principal Pal?