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  • Theme Song video

    Theme Song

    Ned's Declassified: "Theme Song"

    Sing along to the "Ned's Declassified" theme song!

  • Theater Thug video

    Theater Thug

    Drake & Josh: "Theater Thug"

    Josh is accidentally cast as San Diego's Most Wanted Movie Bandit!

  • Little Sibling video

    Little Sibling

    Drake & Josh: "Little Sibling"

    After getting in trouble, Drake must mentor a problem child.

  • Mindy's Back video

    Mindy's Back

    Drake & Josh: "Mindy's Back"

    This year, Josh is going to win the Science Fair! Or so he thinks...

  • The Drake and Josh Inn video

    The Drake and Josh Inn

    Drake & Josh: "The Drake and Josh Inn"

    Drake and Josh's latest money-making scheme: a Bed & Breakfast!

  • Helen's Surgery video

    Helen's Surgery

    Drake & Josh: "Helen's Surgery"

    Drake and Josh use Helen's temporary blindness to run wild!

  • The Movie Job video

    The Movie Job

    Drake & Josh: "The Movie Job"

    When Drake gets a job at the movie theater, will Josh be forced out?

  • The Bet video

    The Bet

    Drake & Josh: "The Bet"

    Is it possible for both Drake and Josh to lose the same bet?

  • The Grammy video

    The Grammy

    Drake & Josh: "The Grammy"

    When the parents are away, Drake & Josh & Grammy will play...

  • We're Married video

    We're Married

    Drake & Josh: "We're Married"

    Is Josh legally married in Yudonia?

  • Alternative Ending video

    Alternative Ending

    Ned's Declassified: "Alternate Ending"

    What would have happened if Ned & Moze's romance took an out of this world turn?

  • Field Trips video

    Field Trips

    Ned's: "Field Trips/Permission Slips/Signs/Weasels"

    Ned just wants to be with the girl of his dreams...but is Susie or Moze his dream girl?

  • Tests/ When You Like Someone video

    Tests/ When You Like Someone

    Ned's: "Tests/When You Like Someone"

    Ned freaks out then geeks out to pass 3 tests in one day!

  • Little Beach Party video

    Little Beach Party

    Zoey 101: "Little Beach Party"

    PCA's celebrating the end of a semester with a beach blow out!

  • Health Class video

    Health Class

    Ned's: "Health Class/Jealousy"

    Can Cookie fool Lisa into thinking he has a new girlfriend?

  • Spring Fever/School Newspaper video

    Spring Fever/School Newspaper

    Ned's: "Spring Fever/School Newspaper"

    When Spring Fever strikes, Ned tries to break out of school!

  • Extra Scoop: A Camera Story video

    Extra Scoop: A Camera Story

    Extra Scoop: Drake & Josh: "A Camera Story"

    Go behind the cameras on the "Drake & Josh" set...literally!

  • Battle of Panthar video

    Battle of Panthar

    Drake & Josh: "Battle of Panthatar"

    Have Drake and Josh been banned from the best birthday party ever?

  • Extra Scoop: Anatomy of a Stunt video

    Extra Scoop: Anatomy of a Stunt

    Extra Scoop: Drake & Josh: "Anatomy of a Stunt"

    Being a stunt double isn't easy...Get the inside scoop with this professional!

  • Megan's First Kiss video

    Megan's First Kiss

    Drake & Josh: "Megan's First Kiss"

    Megan's got a boyfriend...but is he trouble?

  • Positives/Negatives video


    Ned's: "Positives/Negatives"

    Can Ned cheer up the most negative kid in school?