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  • Foam Finger video

    Foam Finger

    Drake & Josh: "Foam Finger"

    What really happened at that San Diego Padres game 6 years ago?

  • The Gary Grill video

    The Gary Grill

    Drake & Josh: "The Gary Grill"

    Drake and Josh are thrown in the slammer!

  • Pilot video


    Drake & Josh: "Pilot"

    Drake & Josh are suddenly stepbrothers!

  • Alien Invasion video

    Alien Invasion

    Drake & Josh: "Alien Invasion"

    It's Megan's turn to get pranked!

  • Hollywood video


    Drake & Josh: "Drake & Josh Go Hollywood"

    It's D and J in L.A.!

  • Driver's License video

    Driver's License

    Drake & Josh: "Driver's License"

    Josh is behind the wheel!

  • Football video


    Drake & Josh: "Football"

    Josh is a football star!?! See the WHOLE show in Ha! Ha! Nick!

  • Who's Got Game? video

    Who's Got Game?

    Drake & Josh: "Who's Got Game?"

    Josh is single and ready to mingle!

  • The Great Doheny video

    The Great Doheny

    Drake & Josh: "The Great Doheny"

    Josh finally meets his hero, Henry Doheny, the greatest magician ever!

  • Extra Scoop: Make a Wish Visits video

    Extra Scoop: Make a Wish Visits

    Extra Scoop: Drake & Josh: "Make-a-Wish Visits"

    Families involved in the Make-a-Wish foundation visit the "Drake & Josh" set.

  • Girl Power video

    Girl Power

    Drake & Josh: "Girl Power"

    Josh meets Mindy's parents...uh oh.

  • Dinner with Bobo video

    Dinner with Bobo

    Drake & Josh: "Dinner with Bobo"

    Only Drake could shop for a new car but buy an orangutan instead.

  • Tree house video

    Tree house

    Drake & Josh: "Tree House"

    Drake and Josh kind of, sorta, accidentally burn down their neighbor's tree house.

  • Josh is Done video

    Josh is Done

    Drake & Josh: "Josh is Done"

    Josh has finally had enough of Drake's antics!

  • Extra Scoop: Lights,Camera, Action! video

    Extra Scoop: Lights,Camera, Action!

    Extra Scoop: Drake & Josh: "Lights, Camera, Action!"

    Step on to the "Drake & Josh" set and see what goes into every episode!

  • The Movie Job video

    The Movie Job

    Drake & Josh: "The Movie Job"

    When Drake gets a job at the movie theater, will Josh be forced out?

  • The Drake and Josh Inn video

    The Drake and Josh Inn

    Drake & Josh: "The Drake and Josh Inn"

    Drake and Josh's latest money-making scheme: a Bed & Breakfast!

  • Mindy's Back video

    Mindy's Back

    Drake & Josh: "Mindy's Back"

    This year, Josh is going to win the Science Fair! Or so he thinks...

  • Little Sibling video

    Little Sibling

    Drake & Josh: "Little Sibling"

    After getting in trouble, Drake must mentor a problem child.

  • Theater Thug video

    Theater Thug

    Drake & Josh: "Theater Thug"

    Josh is accidentally cast as San Diego's Most Wanted Movie Bandit!

  • Extra Scoop: Shrimplympics video

    Extra Scoop: Shrimplympics

    Behind the Scenes: Drake & Josh: "Shrimplympics"

    Drake and Josh go head-to-head in the Shrimplympics!