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  • Degrassi: "No Idea" video

    Degrassi: "No Idea"

    Degrassi: "No Idea"

    Will Zig go through with the tattoo?

  • Degrassi: "Life Without You" video

    Degrassi: "Life Without You"

    Degrassi: "Life Without You"

    Clare tells all to Eli about the baby. Will he stay?

  • Degrassi: "All Figured Out" video

    Degrassi: "All Figured Out"

    Degrassi: "All Figured Out"

    Drew and Clare's parents are planning the baby's future, but does Clare approve?

  • Degrassi: "It's Always Yes" video

    Degrassi: "It's Always Yes"

    Degrassi: "It's Always Yes"

    Clare and Eli try to work on their relationship despite Drew being the father.

  • Degrassi: "Abandoned Me" video

    Degrassi: "Abandoned Me"

    Degrassi: "Abandoned Me"

    Zoe feels betrayed by her teammates.

  • Degrassi: "Won't Make It Better" video

    Degrassi: "Won't Make It Better"

    Degrassi: "Won't Make It Better"

    Becky visits her brother in prison. Will things between them ever be the same?

  • Happy Families video

    Happy Families

    H2O: "Happy Families"

    Don organizes a beach picnic for Cleo and Kim to bond with Samantha, and is upset when Cleo refuses to swim. Will's sister Sophie competes with Bella for a job at the cafe.

  • Kidnapped video


    H2O: "Kidnapped"

    Rikki and Bella hide out at Cleo's to protect themselves during the full moon, but Bella is kidnapped by the water tentacle. Lewis tries to keep Will away from Mako Island so the girls can rescue Bella.

  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice video

    The Sorcerer's Apprentice

    H2O: "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"

    Against Lewis' advice, Cleo experiments with the Moon Pool water. When Rikki gets the magic water in Cleo's fish tank, the girls use their powers in an attempt to rescue Hector, Cleo's fish.

  • Revealed video


    H2O: "Revealed"

    Rikki and Cleo warn Bella to stay away from Will, because he's on the trail of the mermaids' secrets -- but Bella can't resist getting closer to him.

  • Just A Girl At Heart video

    Just A Girl At Heart

    H2O: "Just A Girl At Heart"

    Bella helps Will with his free-diving training, but when she realizes that he may only be interested in her mermaid side, she's hurt. A corporate event at the cafe turns out to be a children's party.

  • Episode 101 video

    Episode 101

    Hollywood Heights: Episode 101

    Loren and Melissa aren't just BFFs, they're also super fans of hometown rockstar Eddie Duran. Will they be able to get into his sold out concert in LA?

  • Episode 102 video

    Episode 102

    Hollywood Heights: Episode 102

    During Eddie's performance, Loren is elated when his eyes meet hers. After the show, she sends him a lyric she wrote that catches his attention.

  • Episode 103 video

    Episode 103

    Hollywood Heights: Episode 103

    Tyler meets up with Eddie to Chloe's dismay, and Melissa finds out about Eddie's songwriting contest!

  • Episode 104 video

    Episode 104

    Hollywood Heights: Episode 104

    When Loren hesitates, Melissa enters her song into the contest for her, and Eddie comes dangerously close to uncovering a secret Chloe's hiding.

  • Episode 105 video

    Episode 105

    Hollywood Heights: Episode 105

    Loren is stressed about her song being entered into the contest, and Eddie decides to take the next step with Chloe.

  • Episode 206: Like No One's Watching video

    Episode 206: Like No One's Watching

    Dance Academy: "Like No One's Watching"

    Sammy is having a difficult time balancing his hectic schedule. Meanwhile, Tara deals with self-esteem issues.

  • Episode 207: A Choreographed Life video

    Episode 207: A Choreographed Life

    Dance Academy: "A Choreographed Life"

    Tara asks for a break from Christian to focus on her dance studies. Meanwhile, Grace becomes jealous of Abigail and Ethan's friendship.

  • Episode 208: Connectivity video

    Episode 208: Connectivity

    Dance Academy: "Connectivity"

    Christian ditches his pas de deux exam to hang out with Kat, while an overtired Sammy not only puts his exam grades in danger, but Abigail's too.

  • Episode 209: The Break video

    Episode 209: The Break

    Dance Academy: "The Break"

    Exams are over and with one night of freedom, both the boys and the girls go on a mission to prove they'll have more fun without each other.

  • Episode 210: A Good Life video

    Episode 210: A Good Life

    Dance Academy: "A Good Life"

    Sammy returns home for his Grandpa Morrie's funeral, and begins to understand his father better. Meanwhile, war breaks out between frenemies, Abigail and Tara.